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Pahtaja Match Show 24.11.2012

Judge: Niina Rissanen

Karvin Dee's Diamond "Unna" and Wiivi won the "child and dog "-competition.
Northborn Jardin Du Soleil "Hilla" won "red puppies" and finally BIS3.

Northborn Jardin Du Soleil "Hilla"

Also attending were Hillas siblings Ilona, Emma and Ukko. All represented well and received red stripes and lots of field experience.

Seinäjoki International Dog Show 27.10.2012

Judge: Viveca Lahokoski

Karvin Dee's Diamond "Unna" upeasti WORK EXC3 CCQ

Field Trial tests in Kivitaipale, Rovaniemi 11.8.2012

Judge: Mr Harri Sivén

Karvin Dee's Diamond "Unna" Novice Class 3rd Prize

Unna made a fantastic return from maternity leave to the field trial tests. She succeeded specially in advancing to direction given by me.

Kuopio International Dog Show 5.8.2012

Judge: Mr Loureiro Borges Manuel (POR)

Northborn Snow Diamond "Iida" Exc, Openclass

Northborn Snow Diamond

Kuopio International Dog Show 4.8.2012

Judge: Mr Johan Juslin

Northborn Snow Diamond "Iida" 4th/Exc, Openclass, CCQ

Kuopio International Dog Show 3.8.2012

Judge: Mrs Saija Juutilainen

Northborn Snow Diamond "Iida" 2nd/Exc, Openclass, CCQ

Kemi International Dog Show 22.7.2012

Judge: Mr Finn Arild Christensen (NOR)

Gill's Millionaire Joe "Hugo" Exc, Openclass
Northborn Snow Mac "Jasu" Exc, Openclassbr> Karvin Vanilla Coke "Rio" Exc, Juniorclass

Northborn Snow Mac

Karvin Vanilla Coke

Gill's Millionaire Joe

Oulu International Dog Show 14.7.2012

Judge: Mr Markku Mähönen

Gill's Millionaire Joe "Hugo" 3rd/Exc, Openclass
Karvin Vanilla Coke "Rio" VG, Juniorclass

Rovaniemi International Dog Show 1.7.2012

Judge: Mr Harry Tast

Northborn Snow Diamond "Iida" 4th/Exc, Openclass
Karvin Vanilla Coke "Rio" VG/Juniorclass

Muurola Group Show 19.5.2012

Judge: Mrs Kati Heiskanen

Northborn Snow Diamond "Iida" 2nd/Exc, Openclass

"Escada-litter (Karvin Dee's Diamond x Carvin Du Bois De La Rayere) have now moved to their new homes.
We wish good luck for puppies and their new families!

Unna and Ramsay puppies were born on 20.04.2012.

The litter of two males and four females. Both the mother, the puppies are doing well.

Karvin Dee's Diamond "Unna" summery feelings in 2011


Welcome to the home Karvin Vanilla Coke aka Rio

Unna mated with Ramsay, see more puppies page.