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13.12.2008 Helsinki International Championship Show, Winner 2008

Terra Antyda Sani Sonja "Aava" JUN EXC
Karvin Dee's Diamond "Unna" JUN EXC4

Karvin Dee's Diamond

2.11.2008 Kajaani Group Show

Terra Antyda Sani Sonja "Aava" Puppy Class 3rd, HP
Karvin Dee's Diamond "Unna" JUN ERI

25.10.2008 Seinäjoki International Championship Show

Judges: Siv Sandö, Norway (puppies and juniors) & Irene Krogstad, Norja (others)

Terra Antyda Sani Sonja "Aava" Puppy Class 3rd, HP
Karvin Dee's Diamond "Unna" JUN EXC3
Finngreen Quiet Ghost "Nemo" OPEN VG

Karvin Dee's Diamond © Sari Simola

Training in beautiful autumn weather

28.9.2008 Rovaniemi, Match Show

After having had a couple of months break in showrings, we decided to take part in to a match show. Actually it was Aava's first time in a show ring. We had a nice day Nemo being first in the blue stripes' ring. Unna and Aava both got red stripes and Unna finally finished third in the puppies that got red stripes. I'd like to thank Tarja for handling Unna so nicely again, while I concetrated to our first-timer Aava. Aava behaved beautifully in a new situation! The greatest thing was though that my son and Unna won a so-called "child and dog "-competition, where there were seven little handlers with their dogs.

Summer 2008

We had an active summer in showrings nearby. We even made one longer trip to western Finland, Ylivieska.

Unna debutated in puppy class in Kemi on June 8th 2008, being BOB-puppy with HP in her very first show. What a great achievement for a puppy of age 7 months and 1 day! She also was BOB- puppy In Rovaniemi midsummer dog show and a month later in Oulu international dog show. Couple of times she was placed second at bitch puppies. All together Unna gathered 5 honor prizes. Also in the beginning of the summer 2008 Unna was chosen as the most beutiful retriever of the year at the local retriever association's annual competition. Never before has a puppy won this competition. You can say Unna really made an excellent puppy career!

Nemo got several excellents at open class and several placings and also his first reserve-CC. He really matured during this year and this really made me happy.