We are a family of six members living in the city of Rovaniemi near by the Arctic circle. We have two sons, two daughters and us parents, Merja and Pepe. Our life with the children and the dogs is full of activities, mainly consisting of diffentent kinds of sports.

We've had Golden retrievers since 2005. Before that we had Rottweiler dogs, even in my childhood family. After our children were born we decided to change the breed to what was supposed to be some more easier with the kids.

Golden retriever really turned out to be everything we wanted from a dog. As an active family, it's very important to us that the dogs are easy to take with where ever we go. We truly appreciate the social and co-operative character of goldens . In addition, with golden retrievers you are able to attend to a large variety of activities. When I go running or orienteering, I always take a dog with me. We also take our dogs to dog shows regularly. One of my favorite hobbies is training my dogs to retriever field trial tests. This allows some typical acticity for my dogs as retrievers. I'm very interested in dogs' behavior and learning. My dogs are my best teachers and I'm learning so much form them daily. Most importantly, when the kids come home from school, there's always a friendly welcoming ceremony, thank's to our dogs.

I breed seldom a litter under the name of Northborn. Our first litter was born on February 2010. Every litter is planned very carefully and I always like to consult breeders with more knowledge than me to get the whole information about the dogs I intend to breed. My aim is to breed healthy goldens with loyal and friendly golden character , nice looks and a will to work as they historically were supposed to; A gundog to retrieve. I try to give a puppy a good start to suit well for variety of roles not to forget a dog's most important role as a family member and a friend.

Finally I'd like to thank Heidi Karves (kennel Karvin), Elina Piiparinen (kennel Finngreen), Susanna Lindqvist (kennel Gill's) and Mari Stenvall (kennel Lordmax) for all the help and advices they've given me.

I hope you enjoy your visit at our homepages!